PU、PVC dry production line

Dry synthesis of skin of PU resin coating method is coating in various lines of the release paper with drying and pasting to laminate byknited fabrics, or bass so that product pattern and from feeling is the same as release paper, then after the printing processing,the touchand appearance is as same feeling as the natura leather.

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Mechanical characteristics

Our soaking wet PU super fiber production line is improved and innovated by Wuxi double elephant super fiber and Shandong super fiber using. It has the following characteristics:

  • Product use: shoes, purses, furniture, clothing and floor.
  • high precision coater with automatic feeding system: automatic monitoring control, automatic precision accuracy and uniformity of coatingThe coating knife types have plade or rod available to customers choice.
  • laminating machine: special design, fabric no tension roll out to make cloth smooth and stable. Laminating equipment has dry, wet orsoft laminating to make the selection of base cloth and products to be better quality, higher vield.
  • hot air circulation drving oven equioment : automatic computer temperature control, accurate temperature uniform with goodheat insulation effect and saving heat energy.
  • drive tension: full automatic tension control system, stable tension, lower risk of breaking paper.
  • electrical control system:
    A. The central control: main operations are focused on the main panel, PLC touch screen interface control, convenient operation andfault alarm indication.
    B. line speed is controlled by digital line speed meter, can show the current speed.
    c. The regional operation disk provides emergency stops, ascending / descending speed contact bels. Safe operation and convenient
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