PU /PVC embossing machine

Synthetic leather or other materals can use the machine to do surtace embossing ( patterns or mitated animals, plant ines ). t can enhanceproduct value and more widely use and add other eauioments on the machine. such as printina. dlue. paste and calenderinao. t has manvmodels and complete functions,may design depend on the customer deand, we also welcome customers to research and develop togetherfor more advanced automation equipment.

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Mechanical properties:
  • biaxial rolltype, rol changing facility is equipped with EPC homogeneous boundary cotrol, Acoarding to the continuous production.it can reduce product loss rate.
  • the preheating system can be operated independently, in accordance with the processing of materials of any adjustment and can beequipped with SCR temperature control and automatic detection system. lt can also monitor the temoerature of the machine withautomatic adjustment and consistent temperature.
  • embossing system with hydraulic and pneumatic type.Clearance precision trimming device can adjust the embossing gap and texturedepth correctly.simple operation.
  • equipped with automatic trimming device. wide, narrow, left or right arbitrary operation is simple and convenient
  • according to different products can develop different wheel and needle plate width of coiling machine pull
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